Hi, this website is where I am putting all my work, with the intent that it becomes a permanent home for it, despite other services and social networks that may come and go. This will always be here.

aerynnorth.com html pages are generated locally on my hard drive from Markdown (plain text) files – which become posts, and the jpegs and other files that I am referencing in them. I use a thing called Jekyll to do the techie stuff.

This site will remain utilitarian in nature, with the primary focus on having

  • a simple site structure
  • is easy for me and visitors to understand
  • is accessible
  • functions as a source for when I post elsewhere
  • can live on my hard drive
  • can be served from my own web space
  • can be served locally
  • can be zipped up and emailed
  • can be put on an iPad/phone
  • is extensible
  • is relatively easy to learn the basics
  • can be further automated when I have learned more
  • is possible to maintain manually, with relative ease should the tech/brain fail
  • a place to drop work from wherever I am

I have one referenced file here at the moment. A full feed of posts will appear on the following link.


For bells and whistles, seo, fancy graphics and social integrations, I am keeping my SquareSpace account and will be working on a new thing there soon. Please keep an eye on aerynnorth.UK for the new thing.


Aeryn, May 2017