Facebook and Social Media

Preferences for a lighter experience

Hi, thanks for reading. I have created this page to just explain a couple of things about Facebook (especially), but it also applies to other social media sites. I have recently received a large number of requests and would appreciate you taking the time to read this entire page.

I use social media to use my voice, speak my truth, and raise awareness on what many of us are calling The Great Awakening; or New Earth; or Ascension; The Shift, and so on. I also like to share my art work and projects and have fun!


I often use Facebook and Messenger in a focused and compartmentalised way. I sometimes take breaks for days, or much longer.

For a deeper insight please read my article about Social Media for Sensitives


If I’d like to employ your service you’ll certainly hear from me. Thank you. And if you’d like my support, input, or assistance let’s create something together, I love to hear about that!

Personal requests

I am not interested in flirting, or finding love on Facebook. Just, please don’t.

Messenger and Chatting Apps

I don’t use Messenger

I have notifications switched off and I don’t read Messenger messages very frequently. I do try to reply to most messages, but it can take some time.

My preferred apps for chatting are WhatsApp and Telegram. Put my phone number in your app (it’s on my Facebook profile). Enter my number in the format +447xxxxxxxx3 if you’re not in the UK.

Please do not call me by voice call or video call unless we have arranged in advance.

If you feel you are in need, if you are trying to get hold of me, or you want my assistance, please do message me. I am open and friendly.

Thank you

Thanks in advance for honouring my social media preferences. I am learning to enjoy Facebook and other websites again and hope to keep it a light and fun experience.

Love love,