Aeryn North

Copyright Statement

By Aeryn North 2021

I reserve all of my rights to work I create, publish, and share.

As the Viewer or Browser of my websites, social media, physical media,

  • you may use these works for personal use only;
  • you may not upload, distribute, or remix and my works without permission;
  • you may (of course) use Social Media controls and functions such as the Share Button;
  • you may exercise your Fair Use Rights as described under law, but please always include credit, for example: “[Title] Created by Aeryn North (”.

As a Purchaser of an item or Artwork under Personal Use License,

  • you may use the item or download for personal use only;
  • you may share the Artwork on your personal social media;
  • you may not remove any watermarks if present;
  • you must credit me by name, for example “[Title] Created by Aeryn North (
  • you may not use the Artwork on your business – or commercial – or monetised profile, website, blog, or offline use;
  • you may not share the Artwork alongside any business marketing, or self-promotion, or any links;
  • you may not use the Artwork to promote any cause, event, ideology; or subvert the intention of the original work.

If you have purchased a Commercial Use License from me,

  • please check and adhere to the contractual terms of the license we have agreed in writing;
  • please contact me if you wish to extend the terms of the license;

Free Gifts Clarification

Free Gifts, and Gifts received as part of a Subscription, or promotion are provided under the Personal Use License.